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Kaw Valley has all the sand and gravel you need for your landscaping projects as well.  Our Sand and Gravel division operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round.  All of Kaw Valley's sand and gravel products come from the Kansas River.  We are always all on-call to supply the fiberglass industry, railroads, foundries, cities, airports, and even the zoo with sand, gravel, salt and sand blends as needed at all times of during the day and the night.

Kaw Valley has large capacity dry storage in overhead bins making dry products available at all times. The dry sand operation utilizes a state-of-the-art, fluid-bed dryer to ensure the production of quality products.

Clean drinking water is often taken for granted. Sand is an essential part of the filtration process that results in the supply of clean water. Kaw Valley is a supplier for many of the water plants that maintain the drinking water in our homes and businesses.

From construction gravel to USGA golf course sand, Kaw Valley Companies has the right materials to exceed your project expectations.

We maintain four state of the sand plants in Kansas City Kansas, and with over 25 years of experience are one of the oldest and most respected suppliers of sand and gravel in the midwest.

Kaw Valley Sand & Gravel, Inc. realized that there was an unmet demand for river gravel and added a gravel washing and screening plant. This enables us to keep a steady supply of quality pea gravel, roofing gravel, and decorative gravel for customers at all times. Kaw Valley Sand and Gravel, Inc. supplies sand and gravel to fiberglass industry, school districts, shopping malls, cities and private companies.

Our private fleet of trucks and applicators allows us to provide a turnkey solution to any size project. Contact Kaw Valley Companies today to talk to one of our professionals about your sand and gravel needs.

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